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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 8: Moon Magic
Zoey yawned. It was the next morning, and she was feeling better. She woke up Waverlee and walked into the other room where Crystal was playing on the iPad.
“I think we’re better,” Crystal said.
Zoey nodded, but Waverlee spotted the glasses from the day before, where they hadn’t clean up. Waverlee fake sneezed, and used her powers to splash Zoey and Crystal. Zoey rolled her eyes and reach over to grab the towel, which they had also left out.
“Yea, we’re totally better,” Zoey said.
Zoey shot a glare at Waverlee and then began to dry off.
* * *
Zoey picked up her phone and called her friend. Her friend answered.
“Hey Brynn!” Zoey said.
“Hi!” Brynn answered.
“Do you want to come over for a sleepover tonight?” Zoey asked.
“Sure! I’ll be there at six! Bye!” Brynn said.
“Bye!” Zoey answered.
Zoey set down her phone as Waverlee walked into the room.
“What are you doing?”
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Winter Mermaids Chapter 7 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 7 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 11 1 Winter Mermaids Chapter 6 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 6 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 10 0 Winter Mermaids Special Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Special Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 10 0
Winter Mermaids Special: Vacation
Zoey grabbed two shirts, one long sleeved and the other a tee-shirt, and shoved them into her bag. She reached for a pair of pants and a pair of shorts, and stuffed them into her bag, too. She grabbed a blue bathing suit and tossed that into her bag, too.
Zoey grabbed her computer, her phone, and her jacket, and placed them in her bag.
After zipping up her bag, Zoey stood up, grabbed her bag, and went out into the garage. She set her bag in the car, got in, and closed the door. Her parents came out a minute later and joined her. The car started up and the garage door opened. The car rolled out of the garage and down the hill. It went along a few winding roads before going on the interstate.
Zoey pulled out her computer and started writing a story. After a few hours Zoey got to the hotel and closed her computer. She threw it back into the bag and grabbed her bag. They went to their room and Zoey tossed her bag down, pulled out her phone, and flopped down onto the bed.
* * *
The next
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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 7: Under the Weather
Zoey, Crystal, and Waverlee walked into the kitchen. Zoey fixed them each a glass of water, and they took a drink before continuing into the other room. Waverlee and Zoey set down their own glasses, and Crystal set down her glass on the table before sitting down beside Zoey, who had grabbed the iPad.
Suddenly Crystal sneezed, and her water instantly froze. She gasped. Waverlee walked over to the glass and picked it up. As she did this, she sneezed, and the other two glasses shook and splashed all over Waverlee and Zoey, who were nearest to the glasses.
“Oh no,” Zoey said.
Zoey and Waverlee fell over, their tails flopping on the ground.
“I’ll go get you two a towel, and whatever you do, don’t sneeze!” Crystal said.
Crystal ran into the bathroom and grabbed the towel for Zoey and Waverlee. Zoey dried off first and then Waverlee dried off.
“What is going on?” Waverlee asked.
“I don’t know,” Zoey said.
“Maybe Destin wi
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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 6: Christmas
Zoey, Crystal, and Waverlee were snuggled up on the couch, a soft, fuzzy blanket in their lap and hot chocolate in their hands. They were playing on the iPad. It was Christmas morning, and Destin had left a half hour ago. The girls had changed into normal clothes and were now enjoying their morning.
“Let’s open our presents now!” Crystal said.
“Okay,” Zoey agreed.
Crystal and Zoey tossed off their blanket, it landing on top of Waverlee. Crystal and Zoey raced off as Waverlee knocked the blanket off of her head and spread it neatly on the couch. She followed her sisters into the room where the Christmas tree was, and took their presents out.
“Yours is upstairs,” Crystal explained.
Zoey nodded. Waverlee examined her present.
“I’m going first!” Waverlee said.
Waverlee opened her present and picked up an adorable stuffed puppy, mostly brown with large black spots. Waverlee squealed in excitement and hugged it.
“He’s so
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Winter Mermaids Chapter 5 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 5 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 11 3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 4 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 4 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 10 2 Winter Mermaids Chapter 3 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 3 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 11 2 Winter Mermaids Chapter 2 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 2 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 12 0 Winter Mermaids Chapter 1 Sketch by wintermermaids3 Winter Mermaids Chapter 1 Sketch :iconwintermermaids3:wintermermaids3 12 0
Winter Mermaids: Chapter 1: The Tails
The bus drove down the hill to Zoey, Crystal, and Waverlee’s street. It screeched to a stop and the sisters jumped out. Zoey and Crystal ran over to their grandfather’s truck, jumping into the back. Waverlee followed.
The truck started up and began to drive down the street to the sisters’ house.
“I’m so excited it’s finally winter break,” Zoey said.
The truck pulled up the driveway and parked. Zoey and Crystal jumped out and ran towards the house. Waverlee climbed out carefully, and ran after them.
“Wait for me!” Waverlee called.
Zoey and Crystal opened the door to the garage. It shut behind them as they ran in. Waverlee opened the door again and followed.
“Hold on! Ugh!” Waverlee called.
Zoey and Crystal ran up the stairs, followed by Waverlee. They opened the door and ran inside. Waverlee followed, closing the door behind her. Zoey and Crystal dropped their backpacks in the floor and ran into the other room.
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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 5: A Dark Past
Destin, Crystal, Waverlee, and Zoey are sitting next to the Christmas tree.
“I’m going to give you your Christmas present a day early. It’s outside, so let’s go,” Destin said.
“I have to get my coat, then we can go,” Crystal said.
Crystal stood up and walked over to the closet, opened the doors, and pulled out her coat. She put it on and Zoey and Crystal raced off, Destin and Waverlee right behind them. They ran outside and the sisters gasped. A trampoline was set up next to the turnaround.
“Oh my gosh!” Zoey said.
Zoey, Crystal, and Waverlee ran over to the trampoline and got on. They started jumping, and Waverlee zipped the door behind them.
“This is awesome!” Waverlee said.
They all bounced for a while, then got off.
“That was amazing!” Crystal said.
She accidentally froze their tower garden, and icicles hung off of the sides.
“Oops,” Crystal said.
* * *
“I’m so excited we
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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 4: Magic
Fish swam around in Destin’s fish tank. Serena was asleep in the bedroom, and Jio was back at his own house. Waverlee, Zoey, Crystal, and Destin were in the basement of Destin’s house
“Try moving the water,” Destin said.
Zoey reached out her hand to the glass of water, but nothing happened. She looked around. Baxter, Destin’s dog, was sitting beside him. Zoey held out her hand to Baxter.
“Baxter, come,” Zoey said.
Zoey kept her hand held out as she got down on her knees. Baxter jumped up and raced over to Zoey, knocking her over. Zoey exploded in a fit of giggles as Baxter licked her face.
Waverlee burst out laughing, and Crystal giggled, covering her mouth. Destin smiled. Zoey calmed Baxter down and sat up as she petted him and scratched behind his ears.
“I think my power is speaking to animals,” Zoey laughed.
Zoey stood and walked over to Destin’s guinea pig, Gracie. At first Gracie raced away, panting, but Zoey held out her
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Winter Mermaids: Chapter 3: Secrets
A breeze blew through the moonlit forest. Zoey, Waverlee, Crystal, and Jio were inside playing on the iPad, lying in the floor. It was the next day, and their cousins would be there any minute. There was a knock on the door, and Zoey stood up.
“I’ll get it,” Zoey said.
Zoey walked over to the door and opened it. Destin and Serena, her cousins, were waiting. Destin was holding Serena. Waverlee, Crystal, and Jio joined them in front of the Christmas tree.
Destin set Serena down and began to talk to Jio. Zoey spotted a blue stone in Destin’s hand. Zoey pulled Waverlee and Crystal off to the side.
“Destin has a stone like ours,” Zoey said.
“He’s never told us about it,” Crystal said.
“I know, but we’ll have to make sure before we ask him,” Zoey said.
Zoey turned to Waverlee.
“Waverlee, you can control water, right,” Zoey asked.
“Yeah,” Waverlee replied.
“When we go into the kitchen to eat,
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